Everyone goes through two transitions in life. The first is at age seven, when children transition into either male or female. The second comes at age eighteen, when a second transition separates people into either a tail or horns.

For every tailed, there is a horned that Fate has determined is their perfect match.

But can Fate always be accepted? Is finding a perfect mate worth giving up on someone who already holds your heart?

Tails x Horns is a gay romance series. Each book follows a new set of characters, so it is not required that they be read in order, though reading in order will enhance your experience.

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Tails or horns. Fate decides. 

Childhood friends Sota and Masa have always been together. But when they turn eighteen, all of their expectations shatter. Attention from a persistent bully escalates and childhood visions of a perfect future begin to unravel.Sota quickly realizes that the transition into adulthood is not as fun as he envisioned. 

Unexpected feelings emerge and  hidden secrets come to light. Sota and Masa's lives have become more confusing than ever.Can they accept fate's design, embracing who they were meant to be? Or will reality tear them apart?

Pairing: Sota x Masa (Full-Length Novel)

​When you pick up a book by Lyn Forester you know that you are going to be transported into another world. Her world building skills are exceptional. The layering, the attention to detail, the subtle nuances she adds change the everyday world we live in into an original creation all her own. 

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Can Fate Be Rejected? Taro Yoshida plans to try. But when a one-night-stand leads to a deeper connection than he intended, will he be able to resist Fate? 

Taro Yoshida has dedicated his life to helping others with their problems, while hiding from his own. Love’s not something he wants, let alone a mate. To avoid emotional attachments, he has three rules for his lovers. 

No one who he works with. 

No one who works at his favorite bar. 

No one who lives in his apartment complex. 

When he accepts Ryuu’s invitation, he thinks it will just be another one-night stand. There’s no way to prepare himself for the upheaval that one decision will cause. Sexy and determined, Ryuu isn’t willing to abide by Taro’s rules. He knows they have something special, if only he can convince Taro that love is worth the risk. 

But ghosts from Taro’s past rise to remind him why he chose to be alone. Loving Taro can be more than a risk, it may be deadly.

Pairing: Taro x Ryuu (Full-Length Novel)

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The Holidays Are Here, But Will They Be Filled With Happiness?

Masa and Sota are on break for Yule, but Sota finds it difficult to get excited about the holiday when his mate is acting weird. Masa’s with him every day, so why does it feel like he’s pulling away? Can Sota figure out what’s going on before their holiday is ruined?

Pairing: Masa x Sota (Novelette)

​Lyn knows kust what we need after reading the first two in this series! The teaser she delivers in book two of the conflict going on between Mass and Sota can only be asuaged by this little short. The timing is perfect! Life is not always perfect and neither are relationships. Communication is tantamount in any relationship. Thank you Lyn for making it real.

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With the fire festival coming up, and an extended weekend on the horizon, things are heating up for Masa and Sota. Or, at least it would be if their intrusive friends and family would just give them some time alone.

Invited to a hot springs resort for a mini-vacation, Sota has some hot plans of his own where his mate is concerned. Unfortunately for him, Mei seems determined to block him at every turn.

Can Sota turn her attention in another direction, or are he and Masa destined for frustration on this romantic getaway?

Pairing: Masa x Sota (Novella)

I love the inclusivity, acceptance, and general existence of love in this world. Masa and Sota make it even more perfect. Sota is adorable, silly, and fun. Masa is hot, protective, generous, and incredibly patient. I loved his moment of jealousy. The two together couldn't be more perfect. They compliment and balance one another. One of my favorite all-time young couples. 




© 2016 by Lyn Forester